Call to Artists: Axel’s Gallery – “Shoot-Out”

Deadline: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Axel’s First Annual Photography “Shoot-Out”

Exhibition Dates: October 23-November 21, 2018

Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop is excited to host a photography “shoot-out” featuring the distinctive profile of Camel’s Hump. In this day and age, we have great photography equipment at our fingertips creating incredible opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers. Couple the equipment access with affordable, fun software and processing “film” has becomes available to everyone. Now that the equipment and process has become easily accessible, the field of “best” photography seems to have widened. Oftentimes at Axel’s Gallery, a customer is browsing through a bin of photographs commenting how they have an even better photo of the subject they are reviewing.

Well, Axel’s Gallery is inviting all to a challenge.

How would you photograph and process one of the most recognizable features of our Vermont landscape: the profile of Camel’s Hump? Submit your entry, whether digital/analog, mixed media, classic/contemporary to Axel’s Gallery and win a chance for a six-week solo exhibition in 2019 plus other incredible prizes. Entries will be not only be judged by a small panel of professionals immersed in the art and photography world of Vermont, but by your peers (a person who is equal to another in abilities and qualifications!).

For more information on how to enter, including important deadlines, go HERE.

Deadline: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Camel’s Hump by Whitney Aldrich