Alisa Dworsky

Montpelier, Vermont

I am engaged through my art in an ongoing investigation into the ways that human beings interact with the landscape, particularly our compulsion to impose geometric systems on the spaces we occupy. My art is further influenced by textiles, agricultural patterns, computer drawings, topographical maps, architecture and the most basic principle of quantum physics that in all matter there is movement. My goal is to transform a prosaic space, a largely ignored space, into a charged space and thereby dislodge myself and my audience from the unfocused gaze that so often accompanies our navigation of the everyday world. I will often set up a contrast between the artwork and it’s environment through the use of texture, color and geometry. The temporary nature of the installations amplifies the impact on the audience. With my most recent installations , through the play of rigid and organic lines, as well as the projection of shadows onto the gallery walls, I am focused on reinterpreting two-dimensional drawing as three-dimensional form.

Alisa Dworsky is an artist and architectural designer. Her artwork includes sculptures of crocheted rope, intaglio prints, graphite and charcoal drawings and large-scale public installations. She is known for the way her site-specific installations transform their environment through the use of texture, color and geometry as well as for her innovative approach to drawing and printmaking. In 2010, Dworsky completed two installations: one installation for the façade of the Bennington Museum associated with the exhibit “The State of Craft” and another for the exhibit “Fabrications” in the Newport Mills, Newport, New Hampshire. In 2011 she presents a solo exhibition of new installations and prints at The BCA Center in Burlington, Vermont and will participate in the “Arcadia Now” show at Castleton State College. Dworsky has created site-specific installations for the Burlington Waterfront, the Brattleboro Museum, the Fleming Museum, as well as a mile-long highway installation with the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has been published in Public Art Review, Art New England, New England Home and the New York Times. She has received numerous grants from the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Community Foundation in support of her artwork. Dworsky received a B.A. with majors in Studio Art and in International Relations from Stanford University and a Masters Degree in Architecture from Yale University. She has taught architecture and art at Norwich University, Stanford University, The Yale Graduate School of Architecture, Ball State University and the Yestermorrow Design-Build School and lectured widely.


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