AutoBiography: Short Term Parking


AutoBiography: Short Term Parking, A Three Day Exhibition

at The Karma Bird House Gallery in Burlington
May 2-5, 2019

Opening reception: Thursday, May 2, 5-8PM
Erika Senft Miller presents the next layer of her project AutoBiography with the exhibition “Short Term Parking.”

The multimedia installation in and around the Karma Bird House Gallery features the work of nine artists and includes photos, videos, scent experiences, video games and immersive sculpture from her November 4, 2018 performance AutoBiography: A Car Opera in Five Acts and the entirely new, “Scratch-and-Sniff Car Doors.”

Attendees at the opening on May 2 will have the opportunity to key car doors in the gallery, releasing custom scents by Aaron Wisniewski of Alice & the Magician. Burlington-based musician Ivamae will perform original music inside an immersive car sculpture by Senft Miller, Aaron Stein and Lydia Kern, parked in front of the gallery. Filmmaker Will Cottiss will screen a short, narrative film featuring biographical footage from attendees of the Car Opera.

“I’m fascinated by the way you organize components of a dream into a narrative for interpretation,” Senft Miller says. “The Car Opera, that we created last November, was the dream. Now, with ‘Short Term Parking’, these nine artists and I are diving into the molecular layers of the dream.”

Artists participating in “Short Term Parking” (which, consistent with its theme, will be parked at the gallery only through May 5th) include: Kelly Holt and Renee Greenlee, who will show photography inspired by custom scents crafted for the Car Opera by Alice & the Magician; Jude Domsky showing an original Car Opera film in the vault room, and Leif Hunneman.

AutoBiography Magazine, a collection of photographs and essays, and AutoBiography mechanics jackets from the November performance will be for sale at the exhibition.

(adapted from the artist’s press materials)


The Karma Bird House Gallery
47 Maple Street
Burlington 05402
EMAIL Erika Senft Miller

Thursday, May 2, 5-8PM
Friday, May 3, 7AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday, May 4-5, 8AM-5PM


Images (top to bottom):
by Erika Senft Miller
by Kelly Holt

Courtesy of the artists