Category: Hello from Vermont 2011

Hello from Vermont is an exhibition, a catalog, and an ongoing project to explore contemporary art from Vermont by profiling artists and their practices. All of the artists featured here live and make art in Vermont. Here is the 2011 edition.

Lynn Rupe

In Lynn Rupe’s “Urban Habitat” series she depicts a variety of animals including gorillas, lions, rhinos, narwhals, and warthogs passing through a city.

Wendy James

In a style that combines American realism with a contemporary, electric pallete, Wendy James makes paintings that work like photographs. Their perspective is more akin to the lens than the eye.

Riki Moss

The translucent paper Cocoons are formed over models and evoke the former or future homes of mysterious creatures. Hung on filament in series, they sway gently as people pass by, as if moved by lingering spirits. Spilled on the floor, they feel like empty vessels, or amphora.

John Brickels

Clay artist John Brickels has been creating stoneware sculpture for over thirty-five years. His falling barn sculptures, tittering urban row houses and collapsed rust-belt factories celebrate the hidden beauty of entropy.

Linda E. Jones

“Painting abstractly for years has revealed a collection of repeated forms and marks that has become an integral part of my visual language.” Her work explores the tension of destruction and renewal: “Life from decay, shelter from the rubble and new growth.”