Drawing Water


Drawing Water Project
at Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill in Poultney
July 26-August 26, 2018

Tom Merwin and the Forty-Seven Main Street artists bring The Drawing Water Project to Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill. Merwin is the recipient of a 2017 Vermont Psychiatric Survivors Grant for the Drawing Water Project.

The Drawing Water Project is an engaged creative movement to dismantle social marginalization through the arts. For the past 3 years, showing in Burlington at SEABA, Art’s Alive Gallery at Union Station and VCAM/RETN Art Space; in Brandon at Compass Music and Arts; and The Merwin Gallery in Castleton, the painters of Forty-Seven Main Street, together with their paintings and poetry, travel beyond the social construct that separates and marginalizes the creative voice of “the other”. They work together to challenge the convenient labels of disability, mental illness and poverty to transform barriers into opportunities for mutual beauty and growth. The larger plan is to take painting to where it is needed throughout Vermont for communion and healing, bringing art supplies to communities and residences where sisters and brothers can join them in their expressions and exhibitions.

Merwin explains on his website that he was “initially influenced by the Hudson River School and abstract expressionists. I soon made a link to a continued love of Chinese and Japanese painting. My painting process expresses a layering of symbol and spirituality using nature as a doorway to the expression of existential concerns. I find this work a way of entering being more fully (on the other side of words).”

(text adapted from the venue’s and the artist’s press materials)


Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill
145 East Main Street
Poultney 05764
(802) 287-8197

Monday, 5:30-8:30PM
Tuesday, 4-10PM
Thursday, 7-8:30PM
Saturday, 9:30-11AM
Sunday, 1-4PM


from the Drawing Water Project

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