From Nature to Abstract

From Nature to Abstract: Works by Maria Anghelache
April 5-June 30, 2017

Classifying herself as an abstract painter, Maria Anghelache is a native Romanian and now a Vermonter who brings forth an expressive interpretation of her work, blending abstract objects and form directly from her observation of the natural world. Her pastels and acrylic works on paper and canvas have a free-flowing, dimensional fluidity, which is especially evident in her featured series “Orchid”. In her work, she appears to both build up and break down natural elements into their constituent parts to get to the very essence of nature. An example is her ability to discern the intricate networks within living tissue. Anghelache’s observational skills were honed by her professional background at a large computer firm, echoing the interconnectedness she reveals in her work.

The impact of the artist’s explosive paintings is driven by sensuous texture and vibrant harmonious hues. One of the pastels, Meditation, includes a line drawing and translucent layers of light and dark. Anghelache states, “I always combine abstract sensibilities with sophisticated chromatic harmonies to create ambiguity and stimulate the viewer’s imagination.” Joy and inspiration are reflected in her work, and her philosophy is well expressed by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Anghelache received her master’s degree in studio art from New York University and she also studied abroad. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

(text adapted from the venue’s press materials)


Vermont Supreme Court
111 State Street
Montpelier 05609
(802) 828-0749

Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM


by Maria Anghelache
pastel on paper
Created in Venice, Italy
Courtesy of the artist