Installation view of Conant Metal & Light at Allard Square, 146 Market Street, South Burlington. Photo by Isadora Marks.


Conant Metal & Light Unveils New Public Sculpture at Allard Square in South Burlington

Allard Square, a Cathedral Square-operated housing community in South Burlington, features a sculpture with a honeycomb and buzzing bees designed by Conant Metal & Light in Burlington. The apartment building is the first in South Burlington’s new downtown, which blends existing neighborhoods, commercial areas, and natural areas. Conant says about the sculpture, “The sculpture’s design brings natural forms to the building and expresses the community and city’s vision. Honey bees facilitate growth and symbiosis in their ecosystem, beginning in their hive. Similarly, community is fostered in the plant and animal worlds the bees nurture and bring together.” The sculpture is visible on the outside of Allard Square at 146 Market Street in South Burlington. The building, opened in October 2018, is named after Cathedral Square’s longest-tenured resident, Doris Allard, who has lived at the original Cathedral Square residence in Burlington since 1979.

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