Lynn Rupe

Expect Delays: Four Bears by Lynn Rupe (44"x52", acrylic on canvas, 2004)

Burlington, Vermont

In Lynn Rupe’s “Urban Habitat” series she depicts a variety of animals including gorillas, lions, rhinos, narwhals, and warthogs passing through a city. They show up as unusual pedestrians on busy streets or are stranded on a bit of grass or water in an otherwise completely hardened, urban situation. Her environmentally conscious imaginings make a clear statement about the little remaining natural habitat available for wildlife.

A graduate of the University of Vermont and Vermont Studio Center’s Masters of Fine Art program, Lynn Rupe has taught in public and private programs and her work has been exhibited in Vermont, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Italy. In 2004 she received a grant from the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund. She is also the recipient of an award in 2003 from the Puffin Foundation and Burlington City Arts’ 2002 Barbara Smail Award recipient.


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