Northern Neighbors:
Celebrating 150 Years

Northern Neighbors: Celebrating 150 Years
April 2017

Middlebury’s Edgewater Galleries celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation with a group exhibition of work by five Canadian artists. At Edgewater Gallery at Middlebury Falls, see work by Scott Addis, Susanne Strater, and Holly Friesen. At Edgewater Gallery on the Green, see work by Donna Andreychuk and Sherry Czekus.

Image above: Big Dog by Scott Addis (24″x48″; oil on canvas). Born just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scott Addis is now a resident of Quebec. His work features small towns and big cities, sheltered harbors and wide open spaces. Addis says, “I’m like a curious kid, looking at the world with wide open eyes, sharing what I see with a very busy public. Art is like that – it’s an opportunity to slow it down and see what’s right in front of you, instead of staying so very busy without time to see – without time to be in the moment.”

Image above: Tangled Garden by Donna Andreychuk (36″x48″; oil on canvas). The Canadian landscape has been subject matter for Donna Anderychuk for many years and she has been greatly influenced by the rich and diverse art history there, often referencing the works of the Group of Seven. Reflecting on her work and the similarities between the Vermont and Canadian landscapes, Andreychuk comments, “Our country is known for its vastness and the endless vistas that open to large bodies of water. We are blessed with mountains and streams, waterfalls and windy rivers. When I traveled to Vermont for the first time I felt immediately at home. I saw my country, I saw the similarities that we share in your great, little state. Vermont is my neighbor to the south. I feel at home when I visit. This body of work is a reflection of my love of country.”

(text adapted from the venue’s press materials)


Edgewater Gallery at Middlebury Falls
1 Mill Street
Middlebury 05753
(802) 458-0098

Wednesday-Sunday, 11AM-4PM


Edgewater Gallery on the Green
6 Merchants Row
Middlebury 05753
(802) 989-7419

Monday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM
Sunday, 11AM-4PM