Opening Reception: “Don’t Tread on Me, Wood for Walls”: Rob Hitzig at Brickels Studio Gallery

Friday, August 3, 5-8PM

Rob Hitzig says about his work: “Wood is commonly seen as a functional medium, used for making something “purposeful,” providing a surface to cut vegetables, hold a computer, your dinner plate, a roof over your head, or to walk on. Since becoming an artist, my struggle has been to find ways of helping viewers to appreciate wood for its inherent quality, for what it is rather than for what it can do. I know it is a radical idea, but perhaps all things, people, and animals, could be appreciated for what they are as well. I hope my art can be seen as moving a viewer’s perception in that direction.

“And if you have to ask about my flooring schedule, I will probably struggle to find a nice, humorous, or roundabout way of saying it, but in the end, the answer will be no.”