Opening Reception: “Subject/Object”: Leigh Ann Rooney and Jeff Bruno at Artspace 106

Friday, August 3rd, 6-8PM

Leigh Ann Rooney: “My artwork is mainly focused on the female form. Women have persevered through many battles to gain freedom and equality. In American society women are granted almost all the advantages of men, but with this new found equality we struggle with our relationship to our femininity. I am searching for the distinction between the fetishizing of a female nude, and asserting femininity that is beyond arousal. Women’s bodies have been the focus of many historical works, but it was not until relatively recently that female artists were able to find their own voice. I strive to create an image that is both empowering and slightly vulnerable – that makes the viewer a bit uncomfortable, but inspires thought. Through nude self-portraiture, I hope to reject the standard art historical image of a passive woman. The female form can be both powerful and feminine. In self-portraiture, a strange paradox exists between the artist and the viewer. The artist’s intentions are not always understood, and viewers bring their personal experiences to the interpretation of an image. It is this tension that creates beauty and intrigue in artworks. The artist releases control as the work is displayed and viewers can come to feel connected to an image.”

Jeff Bruno is a self-taught artist living in Burlington. His paintings and drawings combine elements of a variety of styles from Impressionism to Cubism, Animation to Graffiti into a unique form of imagery all his own. His work has been featured in galleries and venues throughout Vermont. He is currently a member of S.P.A.C.E.