Tyler Vendituoli

Tyler Vendituoli’s piece was inspired by the trend in doing things locally and the nostalgia for our industrial past that comes with it. The gear, a once common and necessary part of many people’s day to day lives, is all but foreign to most of us now.

Jack Reed

For the past year my work has explored human sentiments towards wonder and the natural world. From the outset of humanity, nature has served as the goad to inquiry, the catalyst for wonder. It provides us with stimulation necessary to investigate, explore, and define our world.

Chris Miller

I find that so much of my work comes down to creating illusion. With drawing, it is the illusion of depth and volume on a completely flat surface. With sculpture, it is creating a credible texture in a difficult material. Making a block of cold, hard marble express life and warmth or, as in Stumped, creating a wood texture in hard granite.

Tom Holmes

The abstractions of these forms, which I have juxtaposed with the Star Bursts, provide a linear progression from small Stars, to large Bursts to these asymmetrical constructions.

Matt Neckers

“Rockets can symbolize both exploration and imagination, but rockets can also be the delivery vehicle for destruction. In the classic sense, they are both creator and destroyer. In my artwork, rockets represent the cost of progress and the promise of the future.”

Ria Blaas

Living in the woods, I am surrounded by tree trunks: their roots deep in the earth, their crowns reaching up into the sky. The multitude of vertical lines the trees make – especially in winter – inspired me. From elm and ash trees I carved long oars which, over time, changed into spoons or pendulums.