Stephanie Beck

Stephanie Beck creates drawings, collages and cut-paper sculptures, and stages public-art interventions. Her work explores ideas of architecture, urban spaces and mapping.

Shannon Schmidt

Shannon Schmidt is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. This piece is not about logic. In many ways it is about the how the body and mind fumble toward a non-sensical sense in response to loss: an experience of affect and the inarticulate. In its construction, it is both haunting and beautiful, as well as a document of contradictions.

Regina Mamou

Regina Mamou’s work explores the physical awareness of space through issues of geography and psychology, public and private, and the way that these markers affect the body.

Polly Motley

Polly Motley is a dancer and choreographer who has been making movement based performances with video since the 1980s. Her work has been presented in venues including the Asia Society, the Baryshnikov Art Center, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Tulane University, and the Indonesian Dance Festival.

Molly Davies

Transitions is about changing from one state to another. A dancer moves through a form, a season passes, while the video images transit across the screen to a different quadrant.

m. pinchuk

Excerpts from m. pinchuk’s Architecture, short writings about places and spaces both real and imagined, are read as part of the Exposed audio tour by Beau O’Reilly, Calvin Forbes, Amy England and Janet Desaulniers.