Robert Hull Fleming Museum

The Robert Hull Fleming Museum has a permanent collection of over 20,000 objects that includes art and artifacts from as early as Mesopotamia and as recently as the 21st century.

If such a thing exists, then yes: Mikey Welsh at Helen Day Art Center

Mikey Welsh is a self-taught representational and abstract painter based in Burlington. His work reflects the strong influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat along with Joan Mitchell, late Willem DeKooning and Jackson Pollock. His background as a musician and his untrained approach to painting have created in him a freedom with paint, mark-making and scale.

Hello From Vermont Exhibition Catalogue

Maison Kasini Gallery Director Ric Kasini Kadour curates the work of thirty-five contemporary artists from Vermont. The work includes painting, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, and installation from some of Vermont’s leading artists: Anna Ayres | Brian Zeigler | Candy Barr | Carol MacDonald | Ciaran Brennan | Elizabeth Nelson | Eric Tobin | Irene Lederer LaCroix | Jayne Shoup | Kat Clear | Linda Durkee | Lois Eby | Longina Smolinski | Marni McKitrick | Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr. | Winnie Looby | Alex Costantino | Alisa Dworsky | Anne Cummings | Brian O’Neill | Lynn Rupe | Eve Jacobs-Carnahan | James Vogler | Janet Van Fleet | John Brickels | Linda E. Jones | Nancy H. Taplin | Riki Moss | Sally Linder | Sherri Rigby | Susan Larkin | Tom McGlynn | Wendy James | Will Patlove | Kate Longmaid

Alex Costantino

An icon of wisdom and strength and a brutal, nocturnal hunter, the owl is at times mysterious link to mystical terrain and at other times a connection to the natural world. Depending on the context, it can be a symbol of the id, the ego, or the superego. Costantino uses the owl to explore his own psyche while making work that the viewer is able to access for themselves.