Opening Reception: “The Dog & Pony Show” at the Backspace Gallery

Friday, August 3, 5-9PM | The Backspace Gallery

A dog and pony show once referred to a small traveling circus that toured through small towns and rural areas featuring performing dogs and ponies as the main attraction. The Backspace Gallery is running with this idea by taking art that features these beloved creatures and making them the main attraction this August.

Opening Reception: Dusty Boynton at Helen Day Art Center

Friday, August 10, 6PM | Helen Day Art Center

Dusty Boynton’s solo exhibition in the East Gallery features large-scale paintings, works on paper, and structured reliefs. Her work is humorous, aggresive, sad, and joyful, but most of all it is emotive. Packed with personality, the cutout figures exist between carefree childlike drawings and psychosomatic studies. Her portraits balance the line between opposing emotions, causing a visceral response in the viewer.

Opening Reception: Pilar at SEABA Center

Friday, August 3, 5:30-8PM | SEABA Center

Looking at Pilar’s work, one can imagine seeing the archaeological ruins of some alternate past; mythic, totemic and sacred. This body of work transfers the precious quality of jewelry into the sculptural realm.