Richard Erdman at Art Miami


Richard Erdman
at Art Miami in Florida
December 5-10, 2017

Vermont sculptor Richard Erdman exhibits four Carrara marble sculptures with the Montreal-based Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion during Art Miami. Erdman is showing work alongside Brussels-based painter Yves Zurstrassen.

Landau Contemporary, the contemporary branch of the Landau Fine Art gallery, has represented Erdman since 2012. Founder Robert Landau previously organized the installation of four monumental Erdman sculptures on the scenic grounds of the Enea Tree Museum in Switzerland. This is Landau’s first time showing Erdman’s works during Miami Art Week, the annual event that includes Art Basel, Art Miami, and more than 20 other satellite fairs.

This winter, Erdman will show his white marble sculptures on bases of the same material. Previously, Erdman has used black granite bases for his works. The move to marble was first executed in an exhibition at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, California, last year. “For me, there is nothing more pure, pristine, and purposeful than creating a vibrant new form of life from Carrara white marble,” Erdman says in his artist statement from that show. “Its ancient formation from ocean-born organic carbonates resonate time and geologic history–first our beginnings and now our foundation.”

That ancient material becomes ethereal and evocative in pieces such as Fiamme, Muse Lu, Odyssey, and Sequita. While each massive sculpture has considerable weight, their graceful forms seem to float above their marble supports with elegance and ease.

Erdman is an internationally recognized sculptor whose works in bronze and marble appear in collections around the world. He has crafted over 120 commissioned works for both public and corporate collections, and museums including the Museum of Fine Art Boston and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, among others. Additionally, the artist is recognized for having carved the largest sculpture in the world, Passages, from a 450-ton block of travertine. Passages currently resides in the Donald M. Kendall sculpture gardens at PepsiCo, which is considered to be one of the finest collections of 20th century outdoor sculpture.

For more information, visit the exhibitor’s page at the Art Miami website: HERE, or Richard Erdman’s website: HERE.

by Richard Erdman
Carrara marble
Courtesy of the artist