Sherri Rigby

Winter by Sherri Rigby (24"x24"; acrylic, graphite, paper and wax on wood; 2010)

South Burlington, Vermont

In earlier work, Rigby sewed found objects – feathers, bits of driftwood, scraps of rusted metal, samaras, smooth pieces of water-worn pottery – into the canvas of her large paintings. “I am fascinated by animism, the belief that natural objects have souls, and for me it carries into objects people use and then discard,” she explained.

Recently, Rigby has moved away from large work on canvas and embraced small paintings on paper that beckoning the viewer from the distance and insist on an intimate interaction. The cool, dreamlike images are small parts of a whole, leaving the viewer’s imagination to build context around them.

Sherri Rigby was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Vermont where she currently resides and works as a beekeeper. She has a Bachelors of Art in psychology and studio art from the University of Vermont and also studied at Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia.


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