Stop Motion


Stop Motion: Maiya Keck
at Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop in Waterbury
May 22-June 30, 2018

Artist reception: Friday, June 8, 6-8PM

Maiya Keck’s work explores both figurative and abstract themes in a gestural manner. Over a dozen of her original oil and charcoal pieces are on display in “Stop Motion”. Keck said, “Painting has always been an active expression of creativity for me. I love the action of the movement and the endless quick decisions in rapid secession that constitute the act of painting and drawing.”

In “Stop Motion”, Keck explores when motion ends and the work is suspended into a sustained image for the viewer. The sexy fluidity of the paint and malleability of the charcoal hold the artist in a constant desire for interaction but transferring that interest to the viewer is the real challenge. Birds have been a catalyst subject for the artist as they embody the constant movement of pushing paint and the endless forms that are created by their flight, which she captures through photography when outside of the studio.

“Inevitably, the birds bring my process back to the push and pull of the medium where they are then lost all together in abstraction,” said Keck.

(adapted from the venue’s press materials)


Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop
5 Stowe Street
Waterbury 05676
(802) 244-7801

Tuesday-Friday, 10AM-6PM
Saturday, 10AM-4PM


Stop Motion
by Maiya Keck
Courtesy of the artist and Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop, Waterbury