Susan Larkin

Another View From the Bridge by Susan Larkin (20"x16", oil on board, 2010)

Susan Larkin’s paintings in oil and pastels capture landscapes in and around the Champlain Islands and northern Vermont.

Larkin’s paintings are the result of her dialogue with the natural world. As she goes about her life on the island—walking the dog or running errands—the beauty of the land and her mood come together in a visceral moment that she documents with a quick sketch or a photograph. In her studio, she recreates these moments with a Cézannist approach to painting: a playful use of color and an application of natural abstraction that speaks to human visual perception. Her goal is not accurate rendition, but to capture the veracity of the moment.

Her focus on reflections in the water and the subtle color variations they introduce lends a duality to each scene. Soft edges and smoothly blended colors in Larkin’s work build a sense of motion and timelessness.

Susan Larkin has been a studio artist for over 25 years; first as a ceramist and then shifting to painting in oils and pastels.  She has a Bachelors in Ceramics from Maine College of Art, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bennington College. She currently lives in Isle La Motte.


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