R. Elliott Katz

Physicality, deliberation, and repetition characterize the sculpture of R. Elliott Katz. His work depicts the natural world in tension with the needs of people, and juxtaposes the finely crafted object with down-home subject matter and materials. Nonument to the Paysage presents an unremarkable rural scene in monumental form.

Ellen Rothenberg

Reverse Vista juxtaposes the rhythms of language against the constant movement of bikers, runners, and pedestrians as they pass along the recreational path leading from the village of Stowe to Mt. Mansfield and back again.

Bennett Wine

Wine’s sculpture, Landscape in a Portrait Mode, juxtaposes the depicted reality with actual reality. This is seen in the fact that the landscape surrounding the sculpture is incorporated into the sculpture itself.

Darrell Petit

I believe that stone is alive and that through a tactile and contemplative experience of the Scholar Rocks we come into contact with the core of the earth. Scholar Rocks calls on the restorative power of the natural world. When the Scholar Rocks are integrated with natural scenery they may help visitors interact with the elemental and curative forces of nature.