Tag: South Burlington

Alisha Laramee

Alisha Laramee is a writer whose work focuses on the multiple and complex ways that landscapes, cultures, and people produce one another. She has written extensively of her own travels and those of others both like and unlike her. Migration – forced, voluntary, return, renewed – is of special importance to her work.

Alex Costantino

An icon of wisdom and strength and a brutal, nocturnal hunter, the owl is at times mysterious link to mystical terrain and at other times a connection to the natural world. Depending on the context, it can be a symbol of the id, the ego, or the superego. Costantino uses the owl to explore his own psyche while making work that the viewer is able to access for themselves.

Sherri Rigby

Recently, Rigby has moved away from large work on canvas and embraced small paintings on paper that beckoning the viewer from the distance and insist on an intimate interaction. The cool, dreamlike images are small parts of a whole, leaving the viewer’s imagination to build context around them.