Wishing for the Moon


Karen Gaudette
at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

Each issue of Vermont Art Guide spotlights exhibitions that caught our eye. Vermont Art Guide #1 has a note about Karen Gaudette’s “Wishing for the Moon” at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.

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“Wishing for the Moon” is a series of 14 scratchboard drawings by Karen Gaudette that metaphorically reflect a middle-aged woman’s journey to find true love. Bravely taking cues from her own life, Gaudette transforms her personal journey into a visual fairy tale, rich with symbolic characters, such as the mermaid, the heron, and a variety of animal/human hybrids. According to guest curator Susan Calabria, “Scratchboard is a reductive drawing technique in which sharp tools are used to scrape through an upper surface, usually black, creating a design in a lower surface, often white.” Making strokes with V-shaped metal nibs, Gaudette creates white dots, lines, crosshatching, and clean areas that convey textures, subtle tonal values, motion, and light.

Gaudette’s exhibition, along with four other exhibitions–“Contemporary Artists vs. The Masters: Homage, Battle, Reclamation,” “Visions from the Edge: An Exploration of Outsider Art,” Jonathan Gitelson’s “Are You Here?,” and “flow-MOTION: Michael Sacca”–close on June 13, 2016. WEBSITE

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Brattleboro Museum and Art Center
Non-collecting contemporary art museum located in Brattleboro’s historic former Union Station building. Visitors can expect contemporary art exhibits on view in the museum’s six galleries with new exhibits installed approximately every three months.
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