Carolyn Enz Hack

A History of the Self
(36″x22″x2″; patinated copper, mica, steel, mixed media; 2018)

Carolyn Enz Hack
Thetford Center, Vermont


I’m interested in deep history, examining remnants of past culture and ancient imagery. It’s inspirational and fascinating that remnants of ancient belief systems survive in the collective subconscious. My work explores the topic as it relates to contemporary experience.

My chosen media, metal, mineral, and paint, allow for ample exploration of technique and design. I may create oil paintings or paint details on my sculptures. I enjoy working with copper because it’s easily formed into interesting shapes and the color and texture can be changed with patination techniques using either heat or chemicals. All of the skills that I developed as a theatre technician including welding, sewing, dying, and weaving may be utilized to finish a piece. Reflective or translucent materials also appeal to me because I relate these qualities to the ephemeral and ethereal.


I grew up on a farm in New Jersey. I hold a BFA in theatrical design from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and studied oil painting at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. After ten years in Seattle working in the theatre, I settled on a farm in central Vermont. My work has been exhibited nationally and featured in many publications including Sculpture Magazine, Southern Vermont Arts & Living, Northern Woodlands, New England Home, and New Hampshire Home. I am the recipient of many artist awards and grants including two Vermont Arts Endowment Awards for the creation of new work.


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Eve’s Daughters
(31″x15″x5″; mica, wire, copper, Swarovski crystal; 2018)

A History of Water
(36″x84″x6″; oil, copper, steel, mica, crystal; 2017)

Connected in Space and Time
(28″x40″; oil; 2019)

(96″x48″x12″; plexi mirror, wire, mica; 2015)