Kelly Holt

Urban Stories 5
(6″x6″; archival digital photo, aluminum and spray paint on panel; 2017)

Kelly Holt
Stowe, Vermont


Exploring urban environments through experimental photography, and working with a call and response method to hone in on images that are visually interesting are part of her process. Recurring themes in studio work include sliding doors at train stations, looking at looking and leaving a trace in the energy of an urban environment. Holt strives for images taken from a place of no restraint or clear destination. Adding media and alternative substances, she aims to illustrate the chaos–striving to create a tension of something about to happen. Influences in her art practice include Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter, JR, Shepard Fairey, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


Kelly Holt is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator, engaged in creative collaborations and public art initiatives. Studio work includes experimental photography, street photography, film, and mixed media.

Holt is the Curator for Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, for visual art exhibitions and installations. She is also a collaborator with the Erika Miller Performance Lab. Exhibitions include solo and group shows in the United States, public art and pop-up performance/installations and murals, as well as work in private collections. Holt is an active member of Urban Nation in Berlin, as well as the Vermont Curators Group. Holt’s teaching experience includes workshops, camps and courses at art centers, universities and private schools. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College in Studio Art and English Literature as well as Master of Arts from Johnson State College in Art Education.


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Berlin Botticelli
(24″x24″; archival digital photo and acrylic paint collaged on panel; 2016)

Urban Stories 3
(12″x12″; archival digital photo, acrylic paint and encaustic on panel; 2017)

Raconteur 10
(13″x19″; archival digital photo; 2017)

Looking at Looking 14
(8″x8″; archival digital photo, spray paint and graphite on panel; 2018)