Stuart Hall

Milking Barn
(11″x14″ (matted and framed: 16″x20″); archival print in barn board frame; February 15, 2005)

Stuart Hall
West Bolton, Vermont


I’ve have loved photography for over 40 years. Learning the basics with developing and printing black-&-white in my own darkroom. Moving on to color developing and printing and most recently digital where the opportunities are limitless. My computer is now my darkroom, where I spend more time then actually taking the photographs.

My passion is to get the perfect shot, which may mean re-visiting the same photographic scene multiple times for the ideal lighting and overall atmosphere.

After discovering the ability to photograph snowflakes with my existing equipment, I’m like a kid in a candy shop whenever it snows. I can spend hours outside during a snowstorm either day or night.

What makes snowflakes so exciting is that every time you go out to photograph them you know they’ll be different from any other you’ve previously taken.


Stu Hall has lived in Vermont since 1966. His greatest influence for photography came from his father, Bob Hall, another avid photographer.

After moving to West Bolton 14 years ago, he was intrigued with the snowflake photographs that were done by Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley many years ago in Jericho, Vermont.

After several years, and many unsuccessful attempts, Stu finally perfected a technique that allowed him to photograph snowflakes on a board covered with black velvet.

Stu’s snowflake photographs are similar to Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley’s yet still very unique in their own way.

Stu’s snowflakes and other work have been exhibited in the Bryan Memorial, Emile A. Gruppe, and other art galleries. He has won awards at the Champlain Valley Expo and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Stu has participated in Open Studio Weekend and many art and craft shows in the northern part of the state. Most recently some of Stu’s photos have been published in the Capture My Vermont books I & II created by the Burlington Free Press.


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Round Church
(16″x12″ (matted and framed: 20″x16″); archival print in barn board frame; July 10, 2010)

Snowflake #214 15F
(5″x5″ (matted and framed: 8″x8″); archival print in black frame; January 20, 2014)

Snowflake #215 6F
(5″x5″ (matted and framed: 8″x8″); archival print in black frame; January 27, 2015)

Snowflake #380 15F
(5″x5″ (matted and framed: 8″x8″); archival print in black frame; January 20, 2014)