If such a thing exists, then yes: Mikey Welsh at Helen Day Art Center

Mikey Welsh is a self-taught representational and abstract painter based in Burlington. His work reflects the strong influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat along with Joan Mitchell, late Willem DeKooning and Jackson Pollock. His background as a musician and his untrained approach to painting have created in him a freedom with paint, mark-making and scale.

Hello From Vermont Exhibition Catalogue

Maison Kasini Gallery Director Ric Kasini Kadour curates the work of thirty-five contemporary artists from Vermont. The work includes painting, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, and installation from some of Vermont’s leading artists: Anna Ayres | Brian Zeigler | Candy Barr | Carol MacDonald | Ciaran Brennan | Elizabeth Nelson | Eric Tobin | Irene Lederer LaCroix | Jayne Shoup | Kat Clear | Linda Durkee | Lois Eby | Longina Smolinski | Marni McKitrick | Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr. | Winnie Looby | Alex Costantino | Alisa Dworsky | Anne Cummings | Brian O’Neill | Lynn Rupe | Eve Jacobs-Carnahan | James Vogler | Janet Van Fleet | John Brickels | Linda E. Jones | Nancy H. Taplin | Riki Moss | Sally Linder | Sherri Rigby | Susan Larkin | Tom McGlynn | Wendy James | Will Patlove | Kate Longmaid

Alex Costantino

An icon of wisdom and strength and a brutal, nocturnal hunter, the owl is at times mysterious link to mystical terrain and at other times a connection to the natural world. Depending on the context, it can be a symbol of the id, the ego, or the superego. Costantino uses the owl to explore his own psyche while making work that the viewer is able to access for themselves.

Brian O’Neill

Although he trained and worked as a sign painter and his preferred medium is steel, Brian O’Neill works across a variety of mediums, creating a series of unique pieces.

Janet Van Fleet

“Circular Statements” invokes the visual language of science to create iconic images of truth and beauty. Janet Van Fleet makes sculptures with buttons, paints images of buttons on mylar, and uses button-like disks to make large installations.