James Vogler

Overlapping color and suggestions of line and light are used in Vogler’s paintings to create space between forms. The forms range from geometric to nearly amorphous, their function always being repositories of color.

Kate Longmaid

A trained clinical psychologist, Kate Longmaid explores the rich terrain of individual identity. “From the privileged position of witnessing the other, I seek to convey the unique presence of each subject as well as our shared humanity,” she explains.

Nancy H. Taplin

Nancy H. Taplin is a contemporary action painter. Dramatic brushstrokes fabricate colorful abstract shapes that interlace, building up treelike figures bursting from white backgrounds.

Sally Linder

Sentient Being is a seminal work from her newest series of paintings, Bear Love. She writes, “Many of the legends of the polar north, as told by the Inuit elders, speak of the spirits of the great white bear and man – as being interchangeable. When the polar bears enter their dens they shed their hides and become men, and only upon returning to the frigid outdoors do they don their furs once again.”

Sherri Rigby

Recently, Rigby has moved away from large work on canvas and embraced small paintings on paper that beckoning the viewer from the distance and insist on an intimate interaction. The cool, dreamlike images are small parts of a whole, leaving the viewer’s imagination to build context around them.

Will Patlove

Will Patlove’s uniquely stretched, painted canvases blur the lines between two and three dimensional artworks.