Tag: painting

Brian O’Neill

Although he trained and worked as a sign painter and his preferred medium is steel, Brian O’Neill works across a variety of mediums, creating a series of unique pieces.

Janet Van Fleet

“Circular Statements” invokes the visual language of science to create iconic images of truth and beauty. Janet Van Fleet makes sculptures with buttons, paints images of buttons on mylar, and uses button-like disks to make large installations.

Lynn Rupe

In Lynn Rupe’s “Urban Habitat” series she depicts a variety of animals including gorillas, lions, rhinos, narwhals, and warthogs passing through a city.

Wendy James

In a style that combines American realism with a contemporary, electric pallete, Wendy James makes paintings that work like photographs. Their perspective is more akin to the lens than the eye.

Riki Moss

The translucent paper Cocoons are formed over models and evoke the former or future homes of mysterious creatures. Hung on filament in series, they sway gently as people pass by, as if moved by lingering spirits. Spilled on the floor, they feel like empty vessels, or amphora.