Welcome to the Artist Database

The Artist Database is a tool to explore the art of Vermont’s artists.

If you are interested in buying a work of art or exhibiting art in your business, contact the artist directly using the information provided.

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The primary purpose of database is be a resource to people seeking information about Vermont contemporary art. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers.

Art presenters, including those participating in Burlington’s First Friday Art Walk, use the Artist Database to select artwork for their venues. Artists may also use the database to market, promote, and sell their work.

Kasini House uses the database to select artists for various projects including featured artists in Art Map Burlington and the Vermont Art Guide. Kasini House also uses the database to select artists for Vermont Artist Trading Cards.

Kasini House promotes the Artist Database as a resource to independent curators and writers looking for artists for various projects, particularly those people interested in writing about and curating exhibitions of Vermont contemporary art.


In 2010, Kasini House & Art Map Burlington launched a database of artists living and working in Vermont. The database was used by Kasini House to select artists for various projects including being featured in Art Map Burlington, an exhibition in Montreal of Vermont contemporary art (2011 and 2012), and the Winooski Pop-up Gallery District and Holiday Art Market (2011 and 2012). Other art venues used the database to select artists for exhibition. In 2012, Kasini House migrated the database to the Vermont Art Guide.