Anne Cummings

(24″x18″; 100% post-consumer waste; 2012)

Anne Cummings
Westford, Vermont


Eco-Artist Anne Cummings creates from her conviction to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The work exemplifies the idea of renewal in many ways, including through giving new life to the materials used, re-committing to the causes that form her core environmental beliefs, and renewing her spiritual connection to our natural world.

“The Carbon Footprint Portraits” are a series of images created from the waste generated by family and friends. They become a fascinating insight into the unique personality and interests of each portrait subject. Their carbon footprint image comes together from the bits and pieces of the cast-offs from their everyday life.

“Local Foods” is a series that connects the “trash” to its origin, such as roadside beer boxes becoming beer bottles, cookie and cracker boxes becoming fields of wheat, and dairy containers becoming cows and barns.

The “Climate Change” series depicts the vivid and colorful effects we are experiencing as our world warms, which mask the serious dangers and damage being done, but within there is a message of hope and renewal of natural beauty if we care enough to fight for it.

“Abstracts: Burning” is a series of work that grew out of a desire to move away from representational imagery and experiment with the abstract qualities inherent in creating art from reusing and repurposing materials. The images that emerged connect to a deep concern about the state of our human relationship with the earth, the effects of our actions on the earth, and the man-made symbols and ideologies we hide behind.


Anne’s involvement in the arts has been a lifelong pursuit, from art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art as a child to creating and teaching art in many venues throughout her art career. Anne pursued a joint Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art and art history from Ohio University and later did graduate work in history and art history at the University of Toledo and Ohio State University. She completed a Master’s degree in Art in Education at Saint Michael’s College. Her current goal is to use her eco-art to raise awareness of and support environmental causes.

Anne has worked professionally in the arts in many capacities–from exhibition coordinator/designer, museum store manager, artists’ representative, graphic artist, grants writer, and art consultant to childrens’ clothing designer. She is currently an art educator at Colchester High School and a working studio artist.


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Pacific Gyre: Albatross Eat The Pretty Plastic Things
(32″x20″; 100% post-consumer waste; 2016)

Plastic Gyre: Thanks For Shopping With Us
(16″x24″; 100% post-consumer waste; 2016)

“Vermont Wastescapes” (installation view)
(144″x72″; 100% post-consumer waste; 2010)

Earth Emigres Heading to Europa