Asheley Kapelewski

Harbinger of Spring
(20″x14″; watercolor; 2010)

Asheley Kapelewski
Middletown Springs, Vermont


Art allows the artist, and the viewer to stop time, invent time, and to see in new and exciting ways. No art would be possible without light, light is the defining energy of our outer and inner vision. Its workings are magical; the color one sees on an object is actually the color that is absent from the object, becoming the wavelength that is reflected back to us and registered by our eyes. Working with this magical medium, light, and her daughter, color, brings vitality to my life as I seek ways to put to paper that which starts out as dreams. The beautiful landscape of Vermont outside my door gives me daily artistic inspiration and spiritual sustenance.


My artwork enables me to share with my viewers the magic I find while exploring nature. Even as a child, I loved to immerse myself in the forest around my home, and I continue to find joy in the woods, waterways, and mountains of my native New England. I feel that every landscape is a portrait & my work has the places I’ve experienced and photographed as its foundation. I love to lead others on a virtual tour of those special places and their inhabitants through my art. I live with my husband on our organic solar-powered homestead in Western Vermont with our animal companions. Inspiration is just outside my front door in the woods that ring with the magical calls of the Hermit and Wood Thrushes in spring and glisten with brilliant snowfall on winter moonlit nights.

The venues where my work has been shown include: Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville; The Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition in Waitsfield; Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival in Essex Junction; New Hampshire Center for the Arts show in Sunapee; Vermont Watercolor Society Shows at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire, Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Visions of Vermont Gallery in Jeffersonville, Cortina Inn in Killington, Festival of the Arts in Jeffersonville, The Light, Space & Time Online Gallery, The Chaffee Art Center and Art in the Park in Rutland, and the Compass Music & Arts Center in Brandon. I am a member of the Vermont Watercolor Society.


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The Homecoming Blizzard
(21″x27″; watercolor; 2011)

Reflections, T.W. Dix Reservoir
(18″x24″; watercolor; 2013)

Fenway’s First Kayak Ride
(16″x12″; watercolor; 2011)

Waterbury Center View of Camels Hump
(18″x24″; watercolor; 2013)