Emily Mitchell

Poetry of Trees
(20″x20″; acrylic; 2017)

Emily Mitchell
Richmond, Vermont


Emily Mitchell’s paintings begin with playful applications of leftover paint on spare canvasses, and slowly evolves from loose, colorful marks into vibrant and complex “landscapes”. The narrative imagery, which is rooted in her strong connection to nature, evolves over time and is a response to marks and colors on the canvas, rather than a specific plan. She lets the paint marks guide her, working with “what’s working” to create the image.

Making art, for Emily, is a back-and-forth play between spontaneous, intuitive marks, and careful deliberation and intention: a blend of letting things go and making things happen. Her practice takes patience, but allows each painting, and each creative moment to be authentic and new.


Emily Mitchell’s work is a vibrant celebration of nature, relationships and narratives. Through the development of many layers of paint and marks on the canvas, she weaves a rich and emotional story. Her larger works are created with acrylics, but she also has series of smaller monoprints, watercolors, and collages.

Mitchell received her Masters of Art Education from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where she worked with Peter London and John Crowe, both of whom impressed upon her the importance of letting go of what art is “supposed to be” and allowing play within the art making moment to steer creative discovery. Emily completed her undergraduate degree in Studio Art, Art History and Theatre at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she graduated magna cum laude in 1994.

Mitchell has had numerous solo exhibitions in New England and is included in several galleries around the country. Her work has been reviewed in Art and Art Deadlines, where she was featured as “Artist of the Year” in 2015. Emily lives in Richmond with her husband, two sons, rescue dog and cat. When she is not developing her art, she can be found training for competitive swimming, both in pools and many of Vermont’s lakes. She is a 2003 Ironman Lake Placid Finisher.


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Challenge Assumptions
(10″x20″; acrylic and collage; 2017)

(40″x40″; acrylic; 2015)

On Top of the World
(18″x36″; acrylic; 2016)