Hope Burgoyne

Carrying Light
(36″x36″; oil on stretched canvas; 2016)

Hope Burgoyne
Waterbury, Vermont


Hope Burgoyne’s work explores the qualities of abstract landscapes in oil painting with a focus on orientation, particularly how small details may enhance and emphasize the larger tableau. She is drawn to the dominant horizon, which both separates and unifies.

While some of her pieces are calm and soothing, others are evocative of discord and conflict–many combine both elements.


Hope Burgoyne was born in Turkey and lived in Germany until she was seven.  Her family then moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where she spent her formative years.  After finishing her studies in fine arts, she and her husband moved to New Zealand where she developed her abstract landscape series.  Hope currently lives in Waterbury and works in her home-based studio.

Although formally trained in fine arts and holding an MFA from Pratt Institute, Hope’s work reflects and is informed by the variety of landscapes and cultures she has experienced.

Hope has exhibited internationally and has pieces in homes and collections on five continents.  Reproductions of her painting, Another Look, are available at Pottery Barn and she also works in collaboration with the reproduction company Wendover Group, giving hotels and commercial venues access to her work.


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(36″x36″; oil on stretched canvas; 2016)

(12″x12″; oil on stretched canvas; 2016)

This Is the Place
(18″x18″; oil on stretched canvas; 2017)

Thorough It All
(12″x12″; oil on stretched canvas; 2017)