Jean Cherouny

(16″x20″; spray and acrylic paint; 2016)

Jean Cherouny
South Burlington, Vermont


While painting, Jean draws from her athletic habit of competing with herself to inspire her artistic vision. She connects to her process of gathering and using reclaimed materials into a visual paint performance (2008 South End Art Hop, Burlington). Her art is unconventional and experimental which allows her to express freely. Mark-making with a wild repetition of colors and moving across the surface is a commitment in each finished work of art. While pushing, digging, spraying or rolling paint (still using her rollerblades to sketch and paint), she constructs surfaces of color with the spirit of being propelled, unstoppable, like nature. Jean has a dialogue with a familiar inner landscape of forms, colors and choice of materials that relate to her immediate environment from which she draws her inspiration and captures the energy of “moments in paint”. Currently, she is using the surface as an important and immediate material in her art. Jean finds refuge in the chaotic struggle to clarify each painting with color and life.


Jean Cherouny graduated from the University of Vermont in 1991 with a BS in Art and Education. She made her way through Johnson State College and received her MFA in 2010. Jean shows regionally and is most interested in spending time in the Czech Republic, where there is an emerging contemporary art scene and artist community. She has shown most recently at the South End Art Hop in Burlington and at The Painting Center in New York City. She has been published in Art Takes Miami. Jean is also a teaching artist with the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). Currently she resides at The Generator makerspace where she is creating art for social change with laser-cut graffiti stencils for her teaching artist work, which is grant and donation funded through extensive community outreach and partnering. She aims to make meaningful story words with all students who need community art projects to give them confidence in family and community support using their unique visual expressions in paint using language and story.


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(16″x20″; spray and acrylic paint; 2016)
Avocados have a seed and a middle. Her eyes grow big. There is more to see.

(7″x5″; black-and-white linocut on paper; 2016)
Unfolding like a serpent. She remembers the fiddleheads. The woods had moisture. The ferns grew there. Next to the brook. She painted them often while her babies slept. She was a good Mom and she knew it.

(digital image created with iPhone apps)
This is a person who takes and is taken like a robot.

(digital image)
This person is slow. The caged person is a digital rendering of images that are constructed using elements, shapes and styles that are creating a photomontage of images. The images can be used to make t-shirts on a link to my web site.