Jennie Kristel

untitled (mixed media landscape)
(22″x30″; collage, acrylic, monotype; 2016)

Jen Kristel
Burlington, Vermont


Jennie has woven her art making with her work as a healer and teacher. Her work as an expressive therapist and international trainer of expressive arts therapies and theatre enters her art in a myriad of ways including the understanding that relationship with the natural landscape is a core human experience, and that our connection to those landscapes inform our inner world.

Her art addresses issues pertaining to the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of human life, often utilizing leaves, feathers, and other flat objects that come alive and interact with each other in deeply human scenarios. She works in printmaking, painting, and fiber.

Jennie believes that art and functionality do not need to be separate, and that art should be accessible in ways that might be surprising. Therefore, along with framed and unframed work, Jennie utilizes her prints to create lampshades, journals, handmade envelopes and other functional objects.


Jennie Kristel grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Vermont in 1992. She studied art during high school and received an M.A. in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University. Since 1995 she has studied with artists (including Carol MacDonald, Brian Cohen and Kate Hartley) to weave her art making with her work as a healer and teacher. Her art is about understanding that the inner and outer landscape is a core experience. Jennie was juried at Vermont Studio Center and exhibits throughout the Northeast, and is in many private collections. Along with 2D work, she utilizes her prints to create lamps, journals and toy theatre sets. She lives in Burlington with husband, Michael.


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Watching the Sun Rise
(14″x14″; monoprint: oil and Duo inks; 2016)

Coming Into Leaf
(22″x15″; monoprint: oil and ink; 2016)