Molly Robin-Abbott

Connecticut Sunset
(18″x24″; watercolor; 2002)

Molly Robin-Abbott
Winooski, Vermont


I make art based on the world around me. While my art is not as magnificent as a tree or a mountain, it is a lot easier to hang on the wall. I start with an idea–a picture in my head and a feeling I want to evoke–and work until it looks right. My paintings are all rather organic, with bright colors and a combination of sharp and smooth contrasts.


I came to Vermont from the flatlands of Illinois, after educational detours in Massachusetts and Arizona. I studied art and science, and have pursued both of those interests (and others) in my adult life. When I can find the time, I paint with watercolors, oils, and acrylics, with occasional forays into mixed media and small prints. I have ideas for stained glass, stone, and kinetic sculptures, but I have not yet made those a reality. Stay tuned.


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Dragon Flowers
(24″x18″; watercolor; 2004)

May Flowers
(9″x12″; watercolor; 2014)

Night Flowers
(24″x18″; watercolor; 2011)

Silver Stream
(24″x36″; oil; 2004)