Robert Gold

New York City Starbucks
(30″x40″; canvas)

Robert Gold
Burlington, Vermont


In all my art, I strive to uncover the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. I find it’s disturbingly easy to miss the beauty unfolding right in front of us. When my mobility became limited, I started to notice more and more beauty in my immediate surroundings. Focusing intently with my camera on appreciating the everyday in a new way helps me stay present. In my process, the composition of the photograph is more important than the color. I manipulate the colors in the computer and with acrylic paint. The vibrancy of the piece draws the viewer in and then the composition tells a story. The latest technology grants me the ability to experiment rapidly and my current pieces have benefited immeasurably. Using delicate hand-detailing (with the aid of neurosurgeon’s operating glasses), and a sophisticated print process, I’m able to expose the inner richness that lies buried just below the surface of our daily lives.


Throughout my life, whether I was teaching dentistry at Harvard University or being Captain in the Army, I have always found ways to be creative. I was a full-time dentist and a part time artist for 25 years, but after my traumatic brain injury in 1997, I devoted myself to art full time. Using digital manipulation and vivid colors, I developed my own style. I show mostly around the state of Vermont, and by interacting with people and showing them my work, I garner commissions and sell into private collections. In 2011, I won a scholarship for the Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency program and developed my technique of painting on canvas. In 2012, I was named Chaffee Art Center’s Artist of Distinction. I have been working with printer Jon Cone, the inventor of digital printing, since 2010 and we have collaborated on many pieces. Although I have been an artist for more than half a century, I still seek the input of others to help me grow and celebrate making mistakes in order to improve. In the past three years, my art has been exhibited at UVM Medical Center, Burlington International Airport, and the AVA Gallery in Lebanon, New Hampshire. In 2013, I was a featured guest lecturer at the Bennington Museum. I was also featured on the cover of the Journal of Rehabilitation, Research and Development in November 2015. In 2016, I was voted the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the South End Art Hop in Burlington. In 2018, I chosen as one of the artists to participate in the “Artist to Watch 2018” exhibit at Vermont Arts Council’s Spotlight Gallery, curated by Ric Kasini Kadour, editor and publisher of Vermont Art Guide.


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Middlebury Neighbors
(38″x28″; canvas)

Almost Home Market, Bristol, Vermont
(8.5″x11″; museum etching paper)

Little Girl in Taos, New Mexico
(17″x22″; museum etching paper)

Man at Guggenheim Museum
(38″x30″; canvas)