Sherri Rigby

(20″x20″; acrylic and watercolor on cut and woven canvas; 2016)

Sherri Rigby
Ferrisburgh, Vermont


My woven pieces came about during a time that I kept thinking about the juxtaposition of memory/reality, or past/present, and I imagined creating two (abstract) paintings that I could cut apart and weave together.

I see a lot of duality in them (female/male, heaven/earth, secular/sacred, death/life), but ultimately they are a constant reminder to me to be present and aim for balance.


I was born in Los Angeles in 1975 and grew up in California until moving to Vermont, where I currently live and work. I studied at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received my BA in Studio Art from the University of Vermont. My work has been shown both nationally and internationally.


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(20″x20″; acrylic on cut and woven canvas; 2016)

Love Is Love
(20″x20″; watercolor on cut and woven canvas; 2017)