2007 Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art

For over twenty years June in Vermont has been dedicated to celebrating contemporary art and working artists. In 2007, Kasini House produced the Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art and published this catalog, which documents festival participation and creates a record of the work. It is also a useful reference for those who wish to learn more about an artist.

Vermont Contemporary Art Annual 2008

The Vermont Contemporary Art Annual is a publication of work by artists living and working in Vermont. In these pages, you will find images of artwork, artist statements and biographical information. In 2008, the first year of this publication, the annual showcases artists who were juried into the 22nd annual Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art and as such, this book also serves as the catalog for the festival.

Carol MacDonald: Knit Monoprints & Drawings

Carol MacDonald invites the viewer to see her works “as prints of and about knitting and as conceptual works about teaching, the art of printing, community.” The catalog is yet another of the many ways that MacDonald shares her artistic process with the larger community.

Sally Linder: Paintings 1992-2009

Sally Linder’s subjects are inspired by Earth’s beauty and the social and political issues that confront humankind. Her journey has taken her from the canyons of Arizona to the jungles of Borneo to the United Nations. This book is more than a collection of paintings, it is a document of an artist’s ability to listen and respond to the world around them with impact, power, and remarkable sensitivity.

Lois Eby: From Landscape to Jazz

Lois Eby’s artwork is the result of a forty-year exploration of painting. The connection between painting and music, specifically the improvisation of American Jazz, is at the heart of Eby’s work. Her colours are often primary. Her compositions are rich with rhythms. Brushwork is informed by Zen ink paintings and Asian calligraphy. The result is a beautiful harmonic where paint plays against white space, gesture dances across the canvas, and music is made visual.

Photographic Suburbia: Ciaran Brennan

Ciaran Brennan’s milieu is North American suburbia and particularly its people and its architecture. Brennan’s solo exhibition at Kasini House in Burlington (December 2008) was the first significant presentation of his work.