Tag: sculpture

Matt Neckers

“Rockets can symbolize both exploration and imagination, but rockets can also be the delivery vehicle for destruction. In the classic sense, they are both creator and destroyer. In my artwork, rockets represent the cost of progress and the promise of the future.”

Ria Blaas

Living in the woods, I am surrounded by tree trunks: their roots deep in the earth, their crowns reaching up into the sky. The multitude of vertical lines the trees make – especially in winter – inspired me. From elm and ash trees I carved long oars which, over time, changed into spoons or pendulums.

Brian O’Neill

Although he trained and worked as a sign painter and his preferred medium is steel, Brian O’Neill works across a variety of mediums, creating a series of unique pieces.

Janet Van Fleet

“Circular Statements” invokes the visual language of science to create iconic images of truth and beauty. Janet Van Fleet makes sculptures with buttons, paints images of buttons on mylar, and uses button-like disks to make large installations.

Wendy James

In a style that combines American realism with a contemporary, electric pallete, Wendy James makes paintings that work like photographs. Their perspective is more akin to the lens than the eye.