Amanda Hallock

(4″x6″; reduction-cut woodblock print: oil-based block inks on cardstock; 2011)

Amanda Hallock
East Montpelier, Vermont


Regardless of the medium, in all of my work I strive to be colorful, tactile, playful, accurate, thoughtful, representational and, first and foremost, specific to my clientele’s needs. I try not to subject my talent to one “style”, but to various styles to blend my ability to create with my passion for textures and color; thus allowing my work to constantly evolve and be flexible in different occasions and jobs.


Amanda Marie Hallock is a Fine Artist located in the rolling hills of Vermont. Graduating with B.F.A. in 2011, Amanda focused on Printmaking and Multimedia Art during her collaborated studies at Maine College of Art and Johnson State College. In the past, Amanda has traveled through out Europe and the USA closely studying and experiencing art in many different cultures, which has affected her role as a contemporary Artist today. She has worked as a Gallery Associate & Gallery Manager representing over 300 Artisans from around the globe, extensively getting to know the ins and outs of working with the public to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces to fill their artistic voids… And now after some reinventing, travel and soul-searching, Amanda has returned to Vermont to create for the public. From large scale sculptures to small custom portraiture, Amanda has kept her hands busy creating work on commission as well as for donation! Please e-mail for more information & artist resume.


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(11″x17″; charcoal; 2014)
Part of the “Selfie Project”: In March of 2014, Amanda ran ads across the country for people to submit a portrait they took of themselves (better known as a “selfie”). In return, they received a free portrait of themselves as a 4″ x 6″ postcard created in charcoal. The 100th portrait was completed on the 29th of March. Clientele was 85% male, 10% female and 5% animal, spanning all the way from California to Vermont!

(48″x72″x36″; painted fibreglass; 2011)
Created for “Cows Come Home” in downtown Burlington as a fundraiser for the Vermont Food Bank. Cow sold for $1,500 at auction.

(24″x24″; acrylic, ink, watercolor; 2010)
Kids was commissioned by a client who is very passionate about political issues in the Middle East and has a large collection of anti-war memorabilia.

(12″x11″; reduction-cut woodblock print; 2009)
Part of a series of prints exhibited in 2009 at Birchgrove Baking in Montpelier.