Francesca Werenko

St. Patrick’s Day (Jim)
10 1/2″x15 1/2″; watercolor on watercolor paper; 2012

Francesca Werenko
Burlington, Vermont


Watercolor is a living medium, a little unpredictable and a little mischievous. I draw much of my inspiration from the Vermont landscape around me, which is also unpredictable and mischievous. I love to walk or bicycle wherever I go, which gives me the opportunity to really observe the city and landscapes around me. I love what I see; the colors, textures, and temperament of the world, and, in turn, paint it.


Francesca began her artistic career in college where she majored in Costume Design and learned to draw and handle watercolors. Finding that working in theater did not suit her personality at all, she pursued artistic endeavors with a more solitary nature such as writing and creating papier mache masks. Recently, Francesca rediscovered her love for the pencil, the paintbrush, and the texture of watercolor paper and now includes these in her creative repertoire. Her work has been shown in Burlington’s South End Art Hop and the Winooski Pop-up Gallery District of 2011.


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Cambridge Door
18″x12″; watercolor on watercolor paper; 2012

6″x4″; watercolor on watercolor paper; 2012