Ashley Farren

(18″x17.5″; cotton, wool, Harris Tweed, mohair, natural paints, pyrite, agate, wood, copper; 2021)

Ashley Farren
Shelburne, Vermont


My art comes from a place deeply rooted in history as seen through modern eyes. I strive to revive ancient practices that have been lost to time and in the process restore our connection to the earth and one another. Before embarking on the journey of creating, I carefully select natural fibers from small businesses and farms. The fibers come to me with a story, a life of their own that is ready to be intertwined with others to create a tapestry representative of the intention set into it. The creating process begins with reflection on the energy of the moment: what is the land trying to tell us? What message is begging to be heard? There is no pattern to follow, just an openness, a line of communication that is cleared to allow for my intuition to guide how the piece will unfold. The entire process becomes a kinesthetic meditation. Each individual thread contributes their beauty, their imperfections, and their energy to build a tapestry representative of moments in time. Through the use of natural dyes and paints the connection to the land can be seen and felt. The materials are gathered through ritual walks or sourced from ecofriendly distributors. The dyeing and paint making process unfolds in harmony with the lunar cycles, in a similar fashion to how the power of the moon would have been harnessed in ancient times. The combined use of these mediums creates pieces that build connections to the earth and our communities in order to promote healing and awareness.


Ashley began her journey into fiber arts 3 years ago while on a croft on the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland. The sense of community that can be found in the ancient craft of weaving inspired her to start her own business based in Shelburne called Sett Intentions Weaving. Sett Intentions Weaving creates all natural fiber art in alignment with the rhythm of nature to promote healing, and harmony. Each piece begins with reverence to historical practice and culture and is grounded with the energy of the earth through use of natural dyes and natural paints.

The combination of her use of weaving, macrame, and embroidery create fiber art collages that are further enhanced with the beauty of nature made paints and natural dyes.

Ashley has shown her work at The S.P.A.C.E Gallery in Burlington along with a few other local businesses. She has been honored to create several custom pieces for individuals across the United States. Her work can be viewed at The Burlington City Arts Artist Market, South End Art Hop, Adirondack Sheep and Wool Festival, online and in person by appointment.


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(18″x17″; cotton, wool, labradorite, wood, copper; 2021)
(15.75″x13.75″x.5″; naturally dyed (indigo and logwood) cotton, wool, hand
cut silk, Harris Tweed, blue lace agate, copper; 2022)
(15″x15.75″x.5″; naturally dyed (logwood and blueberry, currants) cotton,
hand-cut velvet, wool, Harris Tweed, chaorite, copper; 2022)
What Remains
(20″x18″x2″; naturally painted cotton, wool, Harris Tweed, emerald, citrine, pyrite, driftwood, copper; 2022)