Jess Rodrigues

Protector of the Ocean
(4.75″x5″; graphite, colored pencil, archival ink; 2022)

Jess Rodrigues
Burlington, Vermont


What draws me to my practice and process is what lies in the details. I imagine details as the multitude of places in our mind that we travel to, the depths like the unexplored ocean floor, the far-reaching ability we have to extend ourselves beyond our own knowing. There can be discomfort in reaching and exploring. And there is also wonder even in the challenge. My art, to me, is all about the possibilities that come from expanding further into these challenging realms within us. From that place we can gather great learning, healing, empathy, curiosity and a deeper understanding that complexity is all around us.

Everyone and every living thing on earth and our universe is complex. It all requires our undivided attention, listening, love and acceptance. Within all things and us is a great equality to varying degrees of complexity and depths yet to be understood. As a human, I take this philosophy into my daily life, as much as is humanly possible, I am not perfect. Every interaction with others is an opportunity to expand myself further into the deeper realm of understanding and curiosity of my fellow human. I know within them is a similar depth of complexity longing to be seen, accepted and resonated with. Their depth is also yet to be fully reached, we all want an opportunity to accept the challenge. Traveling, even for a moment, with another person, that connection makes it more possible. My desire and dream is to always reach deeper and expand myself to accept these depths and details of all as I would my own.

My images are details from the deepest places my mind can travel. As I grow as a human, so too will my images grow with me.


My name is Jess and I’m originally from Hudson Valley, New York. I found my way to Burlington by way of Boston, where I completed a BFA in theatre design and production. I majored in costume design and construction. My time in Boston post graduation consisted of both managing the costume shop at Boston College and designing costumes for local productions. I spent a couple of years as a tailor for the Huntington Theatre company and explored my love of fiber and textile arts. My current art exploration is in drawing and painting dreamscapes, the unnatural, the details in my mind that bind us and connect us as humans in this vast universe. My love for exploring details of our humanity expresses itself in my artwork. My desire as a human and an artist is to inspire, heal, and love. We are all connected, we are all made of stars and we are all worthy of being seen for our details and complexity.


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The Biggest Sun
(5″x4.75″; archival ink; 2022)
The Brightest Star
(21″x18″; acrylic ink, water-based marker, archival ink, 2022)
(5″x4.75″; graphite and archival ink; 2022)
The Biggest Umbrella
(4.75″x5″; graphite, colored pencil, archival ink; 2022)