Helen Kagan

All That Jazz
(36″x48″; textured acrylic on canvas; 2015)

Helen Kagan
Colchester, Vermont


I believe that now, more than ever, the World needs the positive energy and spiritually-based intentions, beliefs and values. I share the belief that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment. I believe in the inter-connectedness of mind, body and spirit. I am a holistic therapist and artist who developed my unique technique and style as “Healing Arts”- a powerful form of self-expression that can and does enhance healing to those in need.

A refugee from Russia, I believe tragedy, pain, trauma can be healed with beauty, positive energy, self-expression. My art is my unique way to integrate Fine Art, Expressive Arts, and the Arts of Healing, and through healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically balanced composition–to enhance well-being in a viewer. I believe “experiencing” my art in-person is most beneficial due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and an overall charisma and high energy. I feel very blessed to be a catalyst.

And my passionate vibrant healing art is a statement of all my beliefs.

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Helen Kagan, PhD. was born in a cold Siberian winter in what then was the USSR. She grew up in a Communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality. In 1991, her quest for freedom led her to the US, where she brought her Jewish heritage, a couple of graduate degrees, and an unending thirst to explore the World and its meaning. Coming from a family of scientists, she’s always been fascinated by the left and right brain relationship which led her to bring together Fine Art, Art of Healing, and Expressive Arts to enhance well-being in a viewer. Mainly self-taught, Helen’s been painting for as long as she remembers and has been doing it professionally since 2005. Helen works with oils and acrylics, lately experimenting with mixed media. She believes that art as a powerful form of self-expression is a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and can enhance healing to those in need.

Helen envisions her art placed in Medical Centers, Multicultural Centers, Hospitals, Libraries, Crisis Centers: wherever it can enhance healing and promote well-being. You can find her “Healing Arts” in multiple physical and online galleries, cities, states, articles, magazines, catalogs, major Shows (SPECTRUM Miami, ArtEXPO NY, and many others). Google Helen Kagan Healing Arts for her extensive online presence.

Recent exhibitions and mentions include: ArtTourInternational’s “Art2Heart” (May 2018); an interview on “Healing Arts” in Healthcare on WRBPiTV (June 2017); “Muses & Music” at SPECTRUM ArtBasel (December 2016); Featured “Collectible Artist” in Brickell Magazine (November 2016); Featured “Collectible Artist” in Key Biscayne Magazine (November 2016); Featured artist in Voyage MIA Magazine (December 2017); Featured artist in The Rickie Report (January 2018); solo exhibition at LightSpaceTime (October 2017); Part of “Apollo & The Muses” at VividArts Network (June 2018) and Featured “awarded collectible” artist by VividArts Network (May 2018); Featured “awarded collectible” artist by ArtTourInternational Magazine (April 2018); a solo exhibition, “Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing” at Grimandi Gallery in New York City (August 2018).


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Autumn Leaves
(36″x24″; textured acrylic on canvas; 2014)

Composition #4 from the “Abstract Sunsets” series
(36″x48″; acrylic on canvas; 2015)

In Search of Meaning
(48″x36″; textured acrylic on canvas; 2013)

Sun Shower
(30″x24″; acrylic on canvas; 2013)