James Frase-White

Lord Ichyneumon, God of Fearful Insect Beauty
(14″x14″x2″; papercut; 2017)

James Frase-White
St. Johnsbury, Vermont


My work dictates me; it arises like a deep well when the thirst to create is due. It may start with a simple paper cutting, or an idea sketched. Some works take years to percolate and brew into a fulfilling dish, to use a metaphor. They are fused with aesthetics, scholarly or raw, personal or universal. The medium can be glass, paper, sculpture or paint, often mixed with prose or poetry. What comes is of my deepest concerns–and some may be humorous, some pure design.


I write a rhyming poem

About my life so true

To put the parts together

Just for a special you

I’ve played with many mediums

That came upon my path

Retooling artistic concepts

Rock serious or with a laugh

These are who I am

life constructed from the blue

Abundant in magic & I suspect

That some of it is true

There are the facts of birth

Inherited and found

I’m studied all my days

And still I look around

Vocation or education, I have credentials

To fill a handsome CV

Crafting in poem or glass or paper

What I make is what is me

Come my friend, you are one now

If curiosity be your quest

Lets share, there is so much to discover

Creating is what life does best

p.s. To see biographical facts and education consult Frase-White’s Facebook page, or write him.


(802) 424-1085
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Blue Moon
(stained glass; 2017)

Duckling Dreams
(16″x10″; watercolor and gouache; 2017)

Flight 5 (part of a series)
(12″x12″x2″; cut painted canvas paper, acrylic on canvas; 2017)

Jonah & The Whale
(20″x24″; stained glass; 2000)