Julie A. Davis

(24″x24″; oil on canvas; 2016)

Julie A. Davis
Cambridge, Vermont


Like many painters, I suppose, my commitment was prompted in part by the need for respite from illness, anxiety and loss. I hold to the view that the painting process–an act of joy and hope–is far more important than any product of this process. At the same time, I believe it is important to remember that painting is a way to communicate, and like any language needs to be synthesized well enough for the viewer to appreciate. “Liking” a painting, is in and of itself an act of understanding, a shared experience, for the both the artist and viewer.


Julie A. Davis is a plein air landscape painter and a studio artist. She is comfortable working with a variety of media, palettes, subjects and styles. Her original oil paintings, drawings and waterworks often have a narrative quality, and include elements of impressionism, abstract realism and expressionism. The works vary in technical approach but they all share a restless quality, and speak of a serious and solitary nature.

Born a seventeenth generation Vermonter, Davis has lived and worked in the city of Burlington for over 30 years. A featured artist in regional publications, she has won several awards for her paintings and has been selected for inclusion in the Legacy Collection of the Bryan Memorial Gallery, Artists’ Mediums Art Shop in Cambridge and many other local venues. She has been influenced by hundreds of artists all over the world during her numerous residencies at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, including Wolf Kahn, Lois Dodd, and Lorna Ritz. She has also been a frequent guest of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where she studied with Robert Henry, Selina Treiff, and Anne and Cynthia Packard.

Ms. Davis now resides in a farmhouse studio in the town of Cambridge, following in the footsteps of several well-known New England painters including Emile Gruppe, Georgia Balch, Ruth Mould, Lois Foley, Tom Curtin and Eric Tobin.


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Provincetown Bay
(36″x48″; oil on canvas; 2016)

Dust Cover
(12″x12″; oil on panel; 2016)