Laura Smith-Riva

Bottle Art
(multiple pieces; excavated antique glass bottles and collage; 2022)

Laura SmithRiva
Montpelier, Vermont


Laura has been most interested in the liminal space between the inner and outer realms of consciousness. Her work with dreams brings her into direct encounters with imagos and beings that populate the landscape of psyche. Her work has often been about the deeper work of “excavation” and in May of 2020, as the pandemic shut down the world, she took to wandering the waterways and excavating in the earth for old relics and artifacts which she has begun to incorporate into mixed media projects. Her last project incorporates elements of collage with late 1800’s dug apothecary bottles.


Laura is a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner and Druid Priestess of the Green Mountain Druid Order. She has a BA in Communication and is a self taught artist whose inspiration originally arose from images in her dreams. Her early work was mainly writing and then the dreams instructed her to work with oils on canvas. More recently she works with acrylics and mixed media. Her writing and art have been published in a variety of publications and ezines including DeLuge Magazine, Collective Magazine, Still Point Arts Quarterly, ARAS, The Poetry Portal, The Light Ekphrastic, The Global Question, Depth Insights Magazine, Mad in America, and The Druidical.


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Old Bottle with Daffodil
(10″x8″; acrylic on canvas; 2021)
(14.75″x3.75″; acrylic and collage on wood; 2022)
Standing Stone Woman II
(14″x11″; acrylic and collage on birch panel; 2021)
Guardian of the Seven Sisters
(14″x11″; acrylic on canvas board; 2022)