Lynne Berard

Sequoia’s Journey Home
(30″x24″; acrylic on canvas; 2020)

Lynne Berard
Barton, Vermont


Gratitude is one of the many fundamental vibrations from which I create. I view my natural surroundings as inspirational treasures that are both hidden and explicit. The endless patterns and wondrous colors found in nature continue to be my muse and help foster my truest self. I am so very grateful for this lovely planet we inhabit and this is manifested in me through my colorful paintings. My highest purpose in life is to exponentially raise the vibrational energy of the planet one person at time through the colors in my art. I aspire to bring joy through my work and use the healing energy of color for that purpose.


I was born and still reside in Barton, the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Nature is my muse and I am inspired by the many bright colors and organic shapes that surround us. I have been creating colorful watercolors for as long as I can remember and have recently begun painting with acrylics as well. I enjoy the feel and flow of this medium and especially love blending my colors directly on the canvas. When I paint with acrylics I often use what I call my “one brush method,” in which I use one brush throughout my painting session with no rinsing. I go from one color to another in my palette blending the hues directly on the canvas. I am primarily self-taught, but continue to take classes both online and in person. I always try to be a life-long learner in all subjects. I have shown in various venues throughout the state since 1995. I offer note cards of my watercolors, which can be purchased on my website at I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it!


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Great Smoky Mountains
(30″x24″; acrylic on canvas; 2020)
Mind’s Eye
(20″x20″; acrylic on canvas; 2022)
Native Headdress
(24″x18″; acrylic on canvas; 2020)
(16″x20″; acrylic on canvas; 2021)