Marianne Mullen

From the Shadows
(8″x8″; mixed media collage with acrylics; 2022)

Marianne Mullen
Middlesex, Vermont


Exploring creativity with varied mediums ignites my inner muse. The organic layers and texture add both intuitive and introspective aspects to my artwork. The connection between creativity and art lends itself to the balance of my inner/outer worlds. My work unpacks, challenges and questions not only the typical use of the materials but how the exploration of art aligns with our personal journey as humans.

I work primarily in 2D mixed media, using acrylics, collage, textural elements by trusting the compositions to find new and expressive qualities. My art making demonstrates acceptance, trusting the process, letting go and stretching into the unknowns of possibility. Creating fills my spirit for solitude work as well as community integration.

Defining myself as an artist has been a journey filled with wonder, listening within, and feeling catharsis of emotions in my work. I create my art to encourage and inspire people to engage with the piece, through introspection, exploration and taking a journey through our layers of being.


As an emerging artist, I recognize my artist biography includes a lifelong relationship with creativity in numerous mediums. Creative exploration has included varied and exciting classes–everything from basket weaving, acrylics, drawing, stained glass, and encaustics. While working full time, I have dedicated myself to a regular creative practice and enjoy exploring the dance of having beginner’s eyes and expressing my own artist language. I have evolved my work from the inspiration numerous artists whose passion that speaks to me directly, no matter the medium.

Before exploring my own art, I have supported artists through teaching small business development, providing professional business and creativity coaching, and marketing artists with online retail. In all the work I do, I bring creativity and innovation to my professional life.


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No Denying
(20″x16″ (framed); mixed media collage with acrylics; 2022)
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(20″x16″ (framed); mixed media collage with acrylics; 2019)
And She Knew
(24″x24″; mixed media with acrylics and molding paste; 2021)
At Last
(14″x11″; mixed media collage; 2021)