Patty Meriam

Birch at Little John Quarry
(30″x24″; oil on canvas; 2016)

Patty Meriam
Barre, Vermont


Art is a reflection of its time. It is now up to artists to preserve and capture the details of the natural environment which is rapidly being lost to climate change and development. I hope to motivate people to environmental activism by triggering an emotional response to the Earth’s natural beauty.and Vermont’s way of life.


I have developed fine arts skills in a round about way. At the age of 10, an art instructor told me I should not paint the way I was doing it. Since I was a regular museum goer with my mother, I knew artists did things their own way, and thus vowed to teach myself how to create a good painting. So I studied Art History at Boston College with a keen eye for analyzing the European masters. Interested in material science, I went on to receive an MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia University College of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where I received the Thesis Award for conservation. Eventually, I sought out skill training from artists whose work I admired. I study constantly, exhibit locally, enter contests and exhibitions, and sell my work from my website and other social media.


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Spring Storm at Apple Orchard
(16″x20″; oil on linen; 2014)

Birch Bark Abstract on Black
(12″x16″; oil, silver leaf, copper leaf, on canvas; 2015)

Oak Leaves
(20″x24″; oil on linen; 2017)

Jailbranch River, Barre
(20″x24″; oil on linen; 2018)